ATS Technologies is a leading platform for providing ‘On Demand e-Procurement’. Working as a match making platform, we help our corporate to save time, energy, money and to create transparencies in their procurement process. We provide end-to-end mechanism to help corporate in their purchasing process. Our mission is to bring savings and efficiencies by offering the best prices and procurement experience

ATS Technologies delivers on Demand products and solutions from leading OEMs to manage grow and transform your business.

We are serving in more than 7 major categories including

  • Covid-19 Protection Gear- (Masks, Sanitizer, PPE Kit, Gloves, Inductive Alcohol Sprayer, Infrared Thermometer) etc.
  • Consumer Electronics- (LED TV, Microwaves, Water Purifier, Refrigerators)
  • IT Products- (Laptops, Desktops, Projectors, Printers & Scanners, Networking Products) etc.
  • Security & Protection- (CCTV Cameras, Biometric System, Digital Safes) etc.
  • Office Supplies- (Stationeries, Toiletries)
  • Electrical Equipment- (Wires & Cables, Lights,Switch Gears,Switches & Sockets) etc.
  • Corporate Gifting- (Office/Travelling Bags, Gold Silver Coins, Electric Kettles)

We have created ATS Technologies, the B2B Matchmaking platform to foster High-Tech ecosystem across the value chain. It is as an extended arm for its clients, giving them the opportunity to connect directly with our expertise. For further details and requirements please write to info@atstechnologies.co.in